About Us


Integrity and ethics

We act with good faith, honesty and fairness.

We do what we say we will do.

We deliver our services based on clearly established contracts and well defined actions.

We follow company policies and procedures.

We respect confidentiality of business and personal information.

We provide information, instruction and training as may be necessary to ensure health and safety.

We are all required to meet our health and safety duties and responsibilities at work.


Impartiality and independence

We deliver professional and unbiased advice.

We draft reports which are accurate records of actions in line with our best practices.


Respect for all individuals

We show others the consideration they deserve.

We always consider how our actions will affect others.

Our individual contribution is recognized and valued, and we receive accurate and constant feedback on our performance.

We respect differences, care about others and do not discriminate against others on the basis of nationality, ethnic origin, age, sex or religious or political beliefs.


Fair competition

We are committed to competing fairly and in compliance with the applicable laws. Severe civil and criminal sanctions can be imposed if the antitrust laws are infringed by companies and/or their management. When in doubt, any employee should seek advice from the Corporate Legal, Risk and Compliance Department.

We shall present our Group in a fair and reasonable manner and ensure that information supplied is accurate and unequivocal.

We must encourage total transparency when drafting commercial documents and promote the strengths of Bureau Veritas rather than highlighting the shortcomings or failings of our competitors.

We must not intentionally neither denigrate, libel, or slander our competitors when discussing with clients, nor commit ourselves to providing a service which we are unable

to supply, nor claim that Bureau Veritas is accredited for a given service without checking first.


Anti-bribery rules

We categorically reject all forms of bribery and prohibit the offer of gifts or the giving or acceptance of a bribe in any form, direct or indirect, including kickbacks, the use of funds or assets for any unethical purposes and the use of other routes or channels for provision of improper benefits from or to customers, agents, contractors, suppliers and government officials.

We apply relevant local and international anti-bribery laws in all jurisdictions within which we are established or perform services.

By our internal procedures:

  • We monitor certain specific operations such as political contributions, charitable contributions and sponsorship.
  • We regulate the offer or receipt of gifts, hospitality or expenses.
  • We ensure to maintain accurate books and records which properly and fairly document all financial transactions.
  • Dealings with our business partners
  • We shall seek to ensure that improper payments are not being channeled through intermediaries, joint venture partners, agents and subcontractors.
  • We conduct our procurement practices in a fair and transparent manner.
  • By dedicated internal procedures, we monitor the selection and the ethical behavior of some of our business partners (intermediaries, joint venture partners, subcontractors, agents, main suppliers and contractors).